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Once production of your article has started, you can track the status of your article via Track Your Accepted Article. Help expand a public dataset of research that support the SDGs. The International Journal of Project Management is the leading journal for the field of project management and organization studies. Its mission is to publish leading edge innovative research that significantly advances the field of project management and organizing.

Published eight times a year it presents It is dedicated to project management and organizing from the perspectives of organizational behavior, strategy, change, and innovation. Methodologically, IJPM covers the full range of empirically-based modes of enquiry using appropriate research frameworks, provided they demonstrate generic insights of significant value to project management.

IJPM does not categorically exclude certain empirical methodologies, except however purely mathematical modeling or operations research pieces. Irrespective of the mode of enquiry or methods used, the key methodological issues in new submissions are: appropriateness of methodology to the research task, clarity in how the study has been carried out, rigor in the application of the methods, and consideration of relevant validity issues.

Papers are also expected to explicitly build on current debates in recent literature and to contribute to theory.

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Occasionally IJPM publishes conceptual papers which fulfill a high-quality standard. IJPM welcomes work from scholars worldwide. All work must meet a high standard in content, structure, and language and is assessed for relevance, originality, and quality through a rigorous peer review process. Important for each submission to the journal is that there is a direct focus on managing projects, programs, and portfolios as well as project organizations and societies.

IJPM is an academic journal where unique and original research is published. Therefore, our primary readership are academic researchers and students in the field. However, we also aim that research published in the journal is practically relevant, so that the results are useful for managers in leadership roles related to projects, programs, and portfolios.

Therefore, both theoretical and managerial implications of the research need to be considered. In other words, we seek great contributions to both theory and practice and we strongly value both rigor and relevance. The scope of the journal covers all project types, such as organizational development, strategy, product development, engineer-to-order manufacturing, infrastructure and systems delivery, and industries and industry-sectors where projects take place, such as information technology, engineering and manufacturing, construction, consulting and professional services, and the public sector including international development and cooperation etc.

Authors are encouraged to take into account the specific type and context of projects in their research, but at the same time consider and discuss the implications of their findings for project management and organizing more generally. In other words, the theoretical implications of a contextualized understanding of projects, and their management, is vital. International Journal of Project Management is the companion title to the open access journal Project Leadership and Society.

In partnership with the communities we serve; we redouble our deep commitment to inclusion and diversity within our editorial, author and reviewer networks. Authors submitting their research article to this journal are encouraged to deposit research data in a relevant data repository and cite and link to this dataset in their article. If this is not possible, authors are encouraged to make a statement explaining why research data cannot be shared.

There are several ways you can share your data when you publish with Elsevier, which help you get credit for your work and make your data accessible and discoverable for your peers. Find out more in the Guide for Authors.Flores, A. Integration of technology, science, and mathematics in the middle grades: A teacher preparation program Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education [Online serial], 2 1. How middle grade teachers in science and mathematics are prepared should be consistent with the vision of what and how students should learn mathematics and science, in particular the integration of these two fields.

In this article a teacher preparation program for middle school mathematics and science teachers that emphasizes the integration of math and science with each other and with technology is outlined. First a theoretical framework for the integration of technology is described.

Then some examples of uses of technology, such as the use of the Internet, and of interactive and dynamical software that lends itself to establish connections between mathematics and science are given. The national standards for mathematics National Council of Teacher of Mathematics,and for science National Research Council, ; American Association for the Advancement of Science, emphasized that educators should prepare students to be literate in mathematics and science, as well as in technology.

One of the goals of the teacher preparation program described in this article is intended to rectify this situation. The mission of TEAMS is to prepare middle school mathematics and science teachers by modeling the use of tools, technologies, and strategies that are consistent with national mathematics and science standards. The standards are the framework for the program and teaching, and also for the teaching, curriculum development, and assessment that prospective teachers are expected to carry out in their own classrooms.

This program supports the reform in middle grades mathematics and science by providing a model for preparing teachers in a way that is consistent with the middle school concept. According to this view, the primary focus of middle school is to meet the needs of young adolescents.

It is a bridge between the elementary and high school. It is student-centered rather that content centered. Teachers meet the needs of students by incorporating among other things flexible block scheduling, interdisciplinary thematic curriculum units, teaming in planning and teaching, and cooperative heterogeneous grouping.

An important assumption of this program is that mathematics, science, and technology should be integrated, but both mathematics and science must retain their integrity. Students in TEAMS are post-baccalaureate individuals who possess degrees in science, engineering, mathematics, or technology. During the year faculty and students engage in a variety of real-world mathematics, science, and engineering experiences: field trips to various sites within the state; internships in informal education settings such as museums and botanical gardens; and visits to campus research centers.

One goal is that prospective teachers observe and use technology while doing science and mathematics in these real-world settings so they can later authentically integrate these types of experiences in their future curricula as middle school teachers.

Several kinds of technological tools are used during the year: a computers, b data probes and sensors, c multimedia and communication technologies, and d graphing calculators. Prospective teachers observe and participate in middle school classrooms. To attain the vision of science and mathematics learning outlined in the Standards, how content is taught is as important as the content itself.

In the same way, how the technology is used is crucial if it is really going to help middle school students in their cognitive growth and understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts. According to Peacognitive technologies serve two transcendent functions.

First, technologies have purpose functions. They serve to engage students in the activity of mathematical and scientific inquiry. This provides meaning for engagement, ownership of the mathematics and science being learned, and empowerment through the generation of personal agency. Technologies engage students in more powerful scientific and mathematical activity in a way that could not be approached without them. But technologies are not by nature engaging.

To achieve this quality, they must be both functional teachers and students must be able to do with them something that they could not do without themand they must increase communication and facilitate collaboration.

Second, technologies have process functions. Some of the tools available for students should free up their working memory so that they are able to concentrate on problem formulation and modeling.

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If a middle school student is bogged down with computing or graphing, the big picture of number systems, functions, families of curves, etc.Internet is all about delivering information. Apart from chatting with friends on Facebook, watching videos on YouTube or shopping online at Amazon, you can also make use of the Web for academic purposes.

There are many great websites out there that allow students, researcher and librarians searching for valuable academic journals and scholarly articles. If you know of any other worth-sharing sites, let us know in the comments section below.

Google Scholar Google Scholar lets you search full text of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. It hosts over 12 million pieces of content from 3, academic journals and 34, e-books.

ReaserchGate ResearchGate is the professional social network for scientists and researchers to share, discover, and discuss research. The network has more than million publication pages, 15 million researchers and over k projects.

Users can use its blogging feature to write short reviews on peer-reviewed articles. Springerlink Springerlink provides researchers with access to millions of scientific documents from journals, books, series, protocols and reference works. It covers a variety of topics in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The site currently has over 1 million registered users who actively share papers in any field, monitor the impact of their research, and track the research of academics they follow.

Astrophysics Data System The Astrophysics Data System is an online database of over 8 million astronomy and physics papers from both peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed sources. Google Books Google Books lets users to search the full text of books and magazines that Google has scanned and converted to text using optical character recognition, and stored in its digital database.

Google Correlate Google Correlate lets users to find search patterns which correspond with real-world trends. It gives researchers info on popularity trends, raw data and thematically-related search terms. The education resources information site provides ready access to education literature to support the use of educational research and information to improve practice in learning, teaching, and research.

Microsoft Academic Search Similar to Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search lets you explore information about academic papers, authors, conferences, and journals.

It covers more than 38 million publications and over 19 million authors across a variety of domains with updates added each week. Oxford Academic Journals Search This is Oxford University Press website for academic and professional books, journals, reference, and online products. You can search its huge volume of data which is currently archived in numerous open-access databases.

It provides its member institutions full-text searches of digitized back issues of several hundred well-known journals.

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Behavioral and Brain Sciences Behavioral and Brain Sciences is a peer-reviewed scientific journal of Open Peer Commentary where you can search for an extensive psychology and brain science articles.

PubChem PubChem is a database of chemical molecules and their activities against biological assays. Millions of compound structures and descriptive datasets can be downloaded via FTP.Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. The first 14 volumes of the Scientific Papers were issued as the Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards Volumes were issued as Scientific Papers of the Bureau of Standards Results of investigations of materials and methods of testing were reported in the 22 volumes of Technologic Papers Journal Of Research Past Papers.

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ChemistryEnergy and Mathematics and Statistics. Created August 1,Updated January 16, Volume Volume 81A.

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Volume 76A. Volume 71A. Volume 66A. Volume 80A. Volume 75A. Volume 70A. Volume 65A. Volume 79A.


Volume 74A. Volume 69A. Volume 64A. Volume 78A. Volume 73A. Volume 68A.The International Journal of Standardization Research IJSR publishes the latest research related to standards and standardization in organizations of all types and society at large. Emphasizing theoretical perspectives, empirical research, and real-world case studies and examples, IJSR is an essential reference source for professionals, graduate-level students, and researchers across industries.

scientific journal researchgate technology project standards

The primary mission of the International Journal of Standardization Research IJSR is to publish research findings that will advance knowledge relating to standards and standardization for diverse settings and applications. IJSR aims to be an authoritative reference source and a prime outlet for scholarly information within the standardization research community.

By focusing on emerging research and trends in this field, IJSR targets researchers, scholars, policy-makers, managers, and practitioners from both businesses and standards organizations and decision makers.

Please note that there is absolutely NO correlation between the APC Article Processing Charge being paid by the author and the results of review process outcomes.

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In the case of a multi-authored work, even if only one author is eligible for the discount or waiver, all authors of the work will benefit from the waiver or discount. Buy Print Journal. Add to Cart. Pre-order Vol. Submit to IJSR. Journal Resources. Jakobs, K. Jakobs, Kai and Geerten van de Kaa.

Publishing Resources. Available In. Related Journals. Published: Semi-Annually Established: Institution Prices for Volume 19 Print Journal:. Current Special Offers. No Current Special Offers.

scientific journal researchgate technology project standards

Individual Prices for Volume 19 OnDemand: Individual Articles. Description The International Journal of Standardization Research IJSR publishes the latest research related to standards and standardization in organizations of all types and society at large.

Topics Covered Business Standards Conformity assessment and accreditation Corporate standardization strategies Economics of Standardization Education about standardization Historical Perspectives IT Standards Quality of standards Research standards Role of standards in firms Role of standards in society Standardization and innovation Standardization and regulation Standardization as a policy tool Standardization in the public sphere Standardization management Standardization processes Standardization stakeholders Standards and intellectual property Standards and knowledge transfer Standards for quality infrastructures Mission and Scope The primary mission of the International Journal of Standardization Research IJSR is to publish research findings that will advance knowledge relating to standards and standardization for diverse settings and applications.

Volume 2 Issues : 0 Released, 2 Forthcoming. Volume 2 Issues Volume 1 Issue His current research interests focus on various aspects of ICT standards and the underlying standardization process.All journals published by a predatory publisher are potentially predatory unless stated otherwise. We will only update links and add notes to this list. DOAJ: Journals added and removed. Nonrecommended medical periodicals. Retraction Watch.

Flaky Academic Journals Blog. Questionable conferences [ archive ]. How to avoid predatory conferences. Flaky Academic Conferences Blog. Journal Evaluation Tool. Think Check Submit. This is a list of questionable, scholarly open-access publishers. We recommend that scholars read the available reviews, assessments and descriptions provided here, and then decide for themselves whether they want to submit articles, serve as editors or on editorial boards.

In a few cases, non-open access publishers whose practices match those of predatory publishers have been added to the list as well. We emphasize that journal publishers and journals change in their business and editorial practices over time. This list is kept up-to-date to the best extent possible but may not reflect sudden, unreported, or unknown enhancements.

Skip to content. Original list. Go to update. Nature Index: Retractions: the good, the bad, and the ugly.Torres-Espinola, M. Teresa Segura Moreno, Mathieu N. Bleyere, Ligia E. Authors: Janet M. Most recent articles RSS.

View all articles. Most accessed articles RSS. Cross-journal collection Coronavirus research highlights. Thematic series Host-microbiota interaction in gastrointestinal and metabolic diseases Edited by Dr Julie Chan. Thematic series Highlights in autophagy.

Thematic series Highlights in microRNA. To browse articles published in the journal prior toplease visit the journal's local repository.

scientific journal researchgate technology project standards

Journal of Biomedical Science is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that encompasses all fundamental and molecular aspects of basic medical sciences, emphasizing on providing the molecular studies of biomedical problems and molecular mechanisms.

Read more. Expedition to the missing link: Long noncoding RNAs in cardiovascular diseases. Citation Impact 5.

International Journal of Project Management

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Takashi Angata. Glycoscience in Medicine. Content type: Research 30 November Content type: Research 28 November Content type: Research 30 October Content type: Review 24 October Most recent articles RSS View all articles. Content type: Review 11 June Content type: Review 23 March Content type: Review 2 January


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